Alpha Pies

If I want to keep making pies for me and my friends, I’ve got to come up with a consistent exercise routine (something I’ve lacked for the past 6 months). Now that it’s warm enough, I’ve started biking to work. I do this every summer. However, I’ve never biked home from work–at least not the entire distance. This is because my home is couple miles up a very steep hill. Usually, I bike to the hill and then call my boyfriend to pick me up with the car. Today, for the first time ever, I attempted to bike up that hill. I did not make it far and resorted to walking my bike up the rest of the way. By the end of the summer I’m hoping to ride the entire distance. For that, I deserve the most awesome pie ever, or cheesecake or something.

I was browsing pies on Pinterest and found a link to a website for a Game of Thrones cookbook. Lots of medieval and modern style sweet and savory pies.

If I attempt any recipes, I’ll post the results.

P.S. Happy Pi Day!

…just not as often. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but eating pie all the time will make you fat. Who knew?

Also, I’ve found it’s quicker and easier to tweet pie pics than it is to post them in a blog. Again, who knew?

Here’s a round-up of the last year+ in pie: Read the rest of this entry »


“‘They look better than they taste,’ my parents warned me whenever I begged for one. And on the rare occasions they indulged me, I had to admit they were right: They almost all had tough crusts, lumpy or runny filling, and sour, hard fruit. My early attempts to make them myself weren’t much more successful.

Only when I got to cooking school many years later did I figure out how to make fruit tarts taste as good as they look. There are a few secrets:” More…

Rhubarb custard. It just sounds so….weird. Everybody knows rhubarb only goes in a pie in conjunction with strawberries. That’s just how it’s done. That’s why this weird recipe my mom gave me years ago sat unused…until I found the same recipe in the giant pie book. “Well,” I thought, “If it’s published in this awesome pie recipe book, and hails from the ‘Rhubarb Pie Capital of the World‘ maybe it isn’t so weird after all.” Turns out it isn’t that weird. In fact, I like it better than the traditional strawberry-rhubarb combo. It even made a convert out of non-rhubarb-believer, Ramon.

Sometimes I get tired of always resorting to the crimped or forked pie crust edge, though in the time-consuming world of pie making, these usually seem like the fastest and easiest methods for edging… Here’s some options I found to mix it up a bit. Most of these options seem pretty simple as well, with the exception of the braided and cookie cutter edges.


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